Adrian_A1!: Yo Yo Big up from Cork Ireland! Big up Dj Amnesty
Amon: dj patty in the hizzie for shizzie
Amon: why yalll gotta be frontnin
Manow: Happy New Year From The UB Crew
DJDivix: wassup guys. Found this page about a week ago and have been streaming nonstop- fire mixes
aldo: !!!
Xeslana: ..... and download the pls for winamp ;)
Xeslana: go on the green listen live button ...... in the new window klick on the running track title and dow
Xeslana: ah sry - links donĀ“t work here ;)
Xeslana: hi loginssuck :) copy the following url in your browser and download the .pls for winamp > http://2
loginssuck: hey
loginssuck: guys how i open this stream in winamp
Manow: GOOD
jeralmedia: How's everyone in Bangkok?
Ymanda: nice
jorge: hi from Portugal :)
austin.c: I pick up Felix,Jewel,Marco and Stefano,, gasp cant dl
austin.c: wonder if ubradio knows expired today
Manow: Happy New Year Everyone
gLaCIuShAdE: Very good music!!! Thanks UB ...Saludos desde Gdl Mexico