UB Radio 4th Anniversary - ft. LEE COOMBS
Venue: [view map]
Date: Sunday 06 May, 2012
Time: 10pm to 3am
Price: 600thb + 2 Drinks

Big shout to all those who have helped UB grow over the last 4 years. You know who you are!! We feel extremely blessed that we are part of this scene & with your help and support, we'll make it come alive to its full potential!! If you're yet to feel the energy of the underground scene.. Then this event is a great opportunity to get involved!!

42 Below & UB Radio Proudly Presents:


Date: Sunday 6th May 2012 (public holiday next day)

Location: Bed Supperclub

Time: 9pm – 3am / OPEN BAR 10pm – 11pm

Admission: THB600 + 2 drinks

After last years UB Radio 3rd anniversary featuring James Zabilea, it seemed highly unlikely that we could top such a fantastic night again this year… But we’ve done it!!!

As its our 4th anniversary we are providing you with 4 artists in each room at Bed. Making sure this heavyweight occasion goes down in the history books!

Headlining in the Bar Room, we have one of UB’s favorite artists, and without a doubt one of the more electrifying producers/DJ’s in the world - LEE COOMBS - He will be flying in to literally destroy Bed Supperclub with his unique style of Breakbeat, House & Techfunk infused sounds. Support will be from DJ Stewart / DJ Mody / MikeThe Butcher.

In the White Room, we have 4 artists pushing a very Drum & Bass vibe - Sabre (Metalheadz) / DJ Amnesty / De Lorean / Orawan.

Remember the following day is a public holiday & hangover friendly.. So come party HARD on the special occasion with your favorite party people!

Limited edition T-Shirts & CD packs will be given away for this magical night in the Bangkok nightlife calendar… Keep your eyes peeled for ways to WIN this exclusive merchandise!!


Lee Coombs – http://leecoombs.net/

DJ Stewart – http://www.ubradio.net/en/djs/dj-stewart-71

DJ Mody – http://www.ubradio.net/en/djs/dj-mody-10

Mike The Butcher – http://www.ubradio.net/en/djs/mike-butcher-84

Sabre – http://www.metalheadz.co.uk/artists

DJ Amnesty – http://www.ubradio.net/en/djs/amnesty-2

De Lorean – http://www.ubradio.net/en/djs/dj-delorean-162

Orawan – http://www.ubradio.net/en/djs/orawan-141

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