Travelin Matt
Hip Hop, Reggae & Neo Soul
Born in the United States raised all over the world, music became a best friend at an early age. Raised an Army Brat, Matt was lucky to live in any one place for very long moving from city to city, state to state, with an occasional trip to another country just for added confusion at a young age. To keep him quite his headphones and walkman were his and his parent’s best friend and his spending hours listening to music. It was on his first trip to New York City in 1983 that he saw street performers and breakdancing for the first time. He got his first listen to New York Radio and was instantly mesmerized by the urban sound. It was Herbie Hancocks “Rock It” and Newcleus’ “Jam-On's Revenge” that started his obsession with the scratchin’, rappin, and breakin and New York street culture. From there a new media called MTV and movies like “Beat Street” and “Breakin” fueled that fire until the explosion upon America of this new music later dubbed hip hop hit the mainstream and Run DMC and the Beastie Boys took over and became the “passing fad” Matt’s father said he would outgrow eventually.

It never passed and it still hasn’t outgrown him to this day. His DJ career began with his father’s old tape decks and his radio. From taping the songs he liked off the radio and creating his first mix tapes, to touching his first turntables at 17, to his first radio job at 19, to Djing fraternity parties at Sigma Pi at Temple University, to busing tables and cleaning floors and carrying DJ crates at a Philadelphia nightclub Egypt, to becoming a Promoter/DJ for Shampoo Night Club, to founding his own Sonic1 Promotions Company, to joining forces with Goodie Goodie Concert Productions, to moving to Thailand to take the risk of taking his talent to another country, it was a constant obsession to further his love of music to absorb all styles and make music his life and career, paying his dues along his journey to one day become the boss.

From his early beginnings in organizing and DJing Fraternity parties, to organizing his own parties and concerts, Matt started becoming a staple on the Philadelphia music scene and started to see his path. Switching his major from Business Law to Business Marketing and International Business at Temple University, Matt gained two internships during that time that would clearly define his course in life.

The first was B101.1 WBEB radio in Philadelphia an adult contemporary station He started as a intern who wore a Bee costume and worked his way up to learning how to work a radio board and manage a marketing team. From there he went to Greater Media Radio with stations WMMR 93.3 (Rock) , WMGK 102.5 (Classic Rock) , and now defunct Jammin Gold 95.7 (Disco) where he was a Marketing Street Team Manager.

His second internship came at Ruffhouse Records under the guidance of Todd “Intell” Wolfe and Rose Mann-Pierce. Working as an intern learning the business behind the music as Ruffhouse dominated the music industry with the likes of Cypress Hill, Kris-Kross, Kool Keith, Sporty Theives, John Forte, the Outsidaz (including Pace Won, Young Zee, Rah Digga and a then unknown Eminem) and of course their biggest act The Fugees with Wyclef, Pras, and Lauryn Hill who’s album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill won the Grammy for Record of the Year while Matt was working there.

After Matt left Ruffhouse after the collapse of the company under its own success he started operating his own urban street team marketing for nightclubs and record labels called Sonic1 Promotions. Working with LOUD Records as part of the SRC Street Team, Matt and his team of college recruits helped to promote artists such as Wu- Tang Clan, Big Pun, Xzhibit, Dead Pres, Mobb Deep, 360 Mafia, MOP, Funkmaster Flex, X-Ecutioners, Tha Alkohoilics, The Beatnutz, and more. Philadelphia based hip hop band The Roots also launched and used Matt’s street team to help in marketing it and it has since gone from a small website to a music community and portal including many artists such as Eryka Badu, Common, D’Angelo, Pharoe Monch, Dialated Peoples, Amy Whinehouse, Jill Scott, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and many more.

Matt also began working with several other concert promotion companies and nightclubs throwing live concerts and promoting parties. Most notably Goodie Goodie Productions and Jamacian Dave Productions. Throwing hip hop, drum and bass, indy music, and reggae shows at legendary Philly venues suck as the TLA on South and The Electric Factory, organizing concerts with many different artists across all genres.

All of this success came at a cost for Matt as his work, school, fraternity life, and personal life were intertwined with his his fastpaced lifestyle. Combined with the harsh realities of the death of several of his close friends in traumatic accidental and premeditated loss of life of 13 people inside of one year, his mother inflicted with cancer as well as a bad car accident, and his father being sent overseas to Saudi Arabia, the stress levels caused Matt to back out for a moment from reality and become a Thai Buddhist monk at Wat Thai in Washington DC for a few months. After escaping the realities of life for awhile Matt went on a trip to Thailand where he learned the importance of life and educated himself on mental happiness and his Thai background. While in Thailand Matt observed that the music and club scene was not as international as the city itself but he loved the city and the people and saw opportunity enough to move to Thailand in 2001.

Bringing a bag of records and $500 in his pocket, He knew no one and nothing about the city when arriving in Bangkok in 2001. After Djing around at places like Khao San Road, and Silom Road a friend suggested he go to Q Bar Bangkok and he would meet people and things would happen. Today Matt is still PR / Marketing Director as well as an MC and DJ after nearly 6 years. He has brought some of the biggest names in music Thailand has ever seen including the first international Hip Hop DJ (Tat Money), the first international Hip Hop artist (Ice-T) and act (Jungle Brothers) as well as helping to organize Bangkok’s first International DJ Festival, and helped start up Bangkok’s first two Reggae Nightclubs as Resident at Roots Reggae and Club 420. Matt has brought nearly 100 of the biggest international DJ’s across all genres of music to Bangkok over the last 6 years. It’s most likely you have been to one of his shows if you have ever partied in Bangkok with an international superstar DJ.

As one of the founders of Matt continues to push forward the music scene in Bangkok and all of Asia as a DJ and a promoter not only online but in the clubs, and in the arenas of Bangkok, with even more in the very near future as a partner in the newly founded Asian division of O&P Worldwide and Bangkok’s hottest new club 808 ,

Whatever you listen to, wherever you go, whenever you are at a party be on the look out for Travelin’ Matt because if he hasn’t been there already he’ll be there soon…

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