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Dj Tong
Tapas Underground Show

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Garun chaipanich aka Dj Tong, had the chance and the opportunity following his talent as a DJ on the Bangkok scene to make his first appearance at the “deeper” legendary Underground Club of Thailand back in 1997.
His excellent music taste and perfect rhythm open him some doors like the White bar, Home club or the Excentrix Club as to mention few of them.

Following few years in the scene, Tong decide to take a residency at the Skunk club among his dis friend's playing deep house, bringing also his touch in other places like the Cafe Democ, Astra, Todiefor ,Zanzibar,…
Following his appearance and the enchanting success of his musical taste, Tong had the opportunity to start a tour in Thailand and play islands like Koh Phanghan, Koh Tao, Phuket,… Event like the famous Full Moon Party at the Koh Phahan beach made his name defiantly marked in the House Music scene in Thailand. Following this, other event opened for Tong, continuing to share his excellent music taste with the crowd at Paradise, Backyard, Whitening Club, Maya Beach, Intouch Beach, Labaja Club, Lam singh Beach Party,…
back in 2005, Tong decide to move back in Bangkok and share with the local party people his experience around Thailand. He quickly state to take his residency at the Groove Kitchen Club, and afar 4 years of musical sharing, Tong finally arrive to only and one: TapasroomClub

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Dj Tong
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Dj Tong
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Dj Tong
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Dj Tong
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Dj Tong
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