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Dj SaintVincent

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My story so far.

Unlike some of my beloved DJ peers, I cannot pretend that my mum is an opera singer or my dad a classically trained musician. I can also assure you I wasn’t born with a turntable attached to my umbilical cord. As a kid I didn’t show any interest in learning music (it was tennis back then), nor did I start building my record collection from the age of five. No, my love from music grew instead in a slower and much more traditional way.

From my early teens onwards, I was lucky to be introduced to good music through various concerts (Prince, Cameo, Gap Band, Barry White…) and thanks to my older brother by listening to underground radio stations. It was all about Disco, Funk, Electro, Dance and early Hip-Hop. On Saturday nights, my bro and I would tune in to a specific show that would blow our minds: "Le Scratcheur Fou" a DJ who would juggle and play all the music we loved during a 2 hour mix without any breaks. This was my first introduction to the art of mixing. At the weekends, my Dad would play and whistle to his favorite Jazz and other Bossa Nova albums while pop hits on TV would pleasantly tease my ears . These were my formative years.

Around 1990 a friend gave me a CD entitled "The Best of Industrial and Hardcore Techno ". It turned out to be a total revelation: as raw and uncompromising as it may sound, this is what got me into the world of electronic music and I knew from then on that music would play a crucial part in my life .

Many years of listening to House and Techno whist driving my lorry back and forth across France (I was competing in motorbike racing at the time), many hours dancing in my bedroom and many nights partying in clubs and rave parties passed by before I finally decided to buy those sacred plates known as “turntables”. This came in 1994, shortly after I moved to England.

The rest is history as they say: my first proper gigs in London and southern Spain from 1995 onwards. Then, a very long distance move to Thailand in 2002 followed by lots of gigs in clubs, bars, hotels, after-hour spots and a 10- year long residency at the renowned “Bedsupperclub” nightclub in Bangkok. I learnt my trade and grew as a DJ.

My DJ’ing style goes way beyond clichés: a unique touch characterized as much by finesse and sophistication as with panache and originality. Put simply, I play House and Techno with a strong vibe and groove . As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as Underground , neither Commercial Music . I just play what I consider to be Good Music and I do it with my guts.

Although I am known to enjoy pushing the envelope during my sets, the pleasure I get from DJ’ing comes from making the whole experience as interesting and accessible to all. I particularly enjoy building long sets starting from a blank page . To me each set is an unpredictable musical journey and I enjoy surprising people in a subtle way.

My appreciation for music and DJ'ing goes far beyond music just for dancing and I always enjoy the possibility to display my versatile tastes of music in different circumstances for various events at any time of day or night .

My delicate approach to building a set combined with the ability to adapt to a variety of events make me the ideal warm-up candidate for top quality acts. Always fitting the flavor of the given night while leaving the main act a lot of room for maneuver, I have opened for the following artists:

Claude Vonstroke , Darren Emerson, Ellen Alien,Evil9, Felix da Housecat ,Fisherspooner ,Groove Armada , Jori Hulkkonen, Laurent Garnier, Maya Jane Coles, MR. C, Layo , Miss Kittin, Pig & Dan, Sebastien Leger ,Secret Cinema ,Spirit Catcher, Stephane Pompougnac ,The Glimmers ,Tiefschwarz, Timo Maas ,Wolf & Lamb.

Described by some as being "a key player in shaping up the Bangkok underground scene", I moved to Phnom Penh in Cambodia in 2014 with the same desire to share my love for Music and DJ’ing. Playing regular weekend gigs, I also work as a DJ coach as part of the new NGO "Cambodia DJ Academy". This is the first school of its kind in this fast developing city, a charming place where French baguettes are worth the money.

Credited with a couple of releases so far , I am being very active with my music production, expect to hear plenty more tracks in the near future .

To be continued...

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