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Dj Barbosa
Drum n Bass
The Upfront Mix

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In 1984 Dj Barbosa was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised until the age of two when he moved on to London in the UK. From a very early age he took a great interest in Music and always had music around him as his Mum is a Classical Guitar teacher. As a young lad Barbosa learned the theory of music and also many instruments including Guitar, The piano and achieved a Grade four on the Clarinet by the time he reached the age of 11.

Soon after attending Secondary school Barbosa started getting more and more into the dance music scene and mainly UK garage in its prime, frequenting nights such as 'An education in Dance' 'Pulse' and 'Garage Nation'. After listening to the likes of EZ, Norris da boss Windross and Double O, Barbosa was eager to learn the skills of the DJ and be the one playing to the crowd having control of peoples emotions and guiding them through the night. He got his hands on his first pair of techniques at 13 and has never looked back, playing in clubs and parties from the early age of 15. it was at 16-17 that barbosa started broadening his taste in dance music and getting into sounds from different genres and many different dj's, he really took a liking to the Drum and Bass scene and went crazy for it after attending some big nights at Fabric nightclub in Farringdon, London. It was not long before Barbosa was playing out DnB to the Masses, getting slots on various underground stations and playing at some well known nights at well known clubs supporting some of the biggest names in the industry. Nights such as 'Chatterbox' in Brighton 'Heat' in London and 'OX4' are just some of the Dnb Nights that Barbosa really made his name and from there he went travelling round the globe playing where he could just for the fun of it.

Barbosa has since gone a bit quiet on the DJ front as he has been perfecting his sound engineering and music production skills. He got a diploma in the sound field, worked for a high profile news channel mixing the sound live and has been working on many productions in his home studio on various different sequencers. Now he is ready for a come back and Looking to go big in the not too distant future. He has the skills at his disposure and has every confidence that it will not be long before his productions are pumpng the dancefloors across the globe and he will be traveling again playing at a club near you.

Watch this space and Listen in to the Upfront mix where Barbosa will be playing a mixture of old and new, dark and light, liquid and hardcore. Be a part of the DnB future !

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Drum n Bass
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