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Digital Deviance
Digital Deviance is hosted by thornado and Matt Cole. Expect a mix of house music, deep house, techno, nu-disco and electronica, and even some drum and bass - simply electronic dance music.

thornado was strongly influenced by the nightlife of the Rhein-Main area in Germany in the early 90's.Since then he has been listening to all in all kind of music and collecting it pressed on records or CDs and nowadays in digital form.

Matt Cole grew up around music.He learned the piano, clarinet and saxophone as a child and has always had an interest in a wide variety of music His family were always playing The Beatles and from there he got into rock music, and after that Hip-Hop.He became disillusioned with the Hip-Hop scene with the advent of gangster rap, and fell in love with House Music, Techno and Electronica.

n the UK he used to DJ in the south coast and in Leeds, and moved to Thailand in 2001 He played in various clubs and bars over the years and then met up with Thornado and DJ’d with him at Breaks and Glow. After a hiatus of 4 years, he has finally gone digital and is back on the scene.

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Digital Deviance
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Digital Deviance June 2014
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