Venue: Cosmic Cafe/Fish
Address: RCA [view map]
Open : 7pm – 2am Daily
BTS : Ari
MRT : Phra Ram 9

If you are up for a more mellow night than what many of the surrounding clubs on the RCA strip will offer, you will want to stop in and check out the Cosmic Cafe. The Cosmic Cafe is pretty well known for its blend of DJ's who vary according to what party happens to be their that night. The sounds, crowd, and vibe change almost nightly, so you really have to just drop by and see whether the night you pop in is your flavor or not.

Most of the time, the Cosmic Cafe has a fairly mellow vibe to the place. The DJ's normally are a little bit on the lounge / mellow dance or funky side, and the croud seems to be a blend of hip-hopish / urban city folk. If you from out of town and want to get up with some of the locals, this is a good spot for that. It's a little less main stream university than most of the places on RCA strip, and offers free wireless internet (WIFI) if you arrive early and want to get on a laptop, or just keep your twitter or facebook status up to date!

No upcoming events for this venue have been listed

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